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Category: Classical

We Nah Like Dem

by Moogulmaran


  1. We living like Hollywood Big Benz man a push Plus me friends deh a foot Nah mek dem draw we out, me know a strength dem a look Yeah, we born inna the ghetto and we waan come out Nuff a we kotch cah we nah no house We a pree big bank account Some large amount, go ask Waterhouse, yeah.
  2. Noah Powa & ZJ Liquid - Dem Nuh Like We - Dancehall Genre Dancehall Comment by user Hi. TZ Comment by Rich Hard Gonza. When this song came out it was always on repeat the whole journey💪🏿💪🏿💪🏿.
  3. Jan 17,  · Nuh Like People Lyrics: *Kisses teeth* / Man d'even too inna the mood / Dymond, hurry up and record this so me can go a mi yard, yah man / Today dem a your friend fi life / Everything good, everything.
  4. Lyrics to 'Dem Nuh Like We' by Noah Powa & Zj Liquid. Chemist Records / Noah Powa A Liquid / Yow Chemist World Weh We Live Inna It / Crazy Nah Fi Do Them Nothing Fi Them Hate We. / Me A Gwan Live Me Life.
  5. we nuh want no fren from dem, we nuh want no fren from dem a fassy dem tell dem we nah beg no fren any wey we see dem bullet stop fi dem mi no know a which duppy send dem but dem caan dis tg and backto dem dem mek de hype get to dem any wey we see dem we step to dem see me cousin and send treat to dem but a life fi we and death fi dem (chorus) murderer, murderer dem .
  6. Jul 28,  · Dem come hay fuh rape we resources, exploit we workers and pollute we environment. Dem like vampire and old higue. Dem does suck yuh dry. Dem boys nah wan hear about FDI no more. Dem wan here bout LDI – local direct investment. De local people gat de money fuh invest. If dem invest in we gold and we diamond and we oil and we bauxite, den .
  7. Now me shot like Lebron, and dem shock like O'neal, and mi shoes and mi clothes dem real And man a living legend, and the truth just reveal Unruly, we nah fail Tell dem we no failure Dem .
  8. Ah survivor ting Beg yuh ah bligh fi di coaster driver dem Memba dem ah have dem pickney fi feed Time suh bloodclaat hard Poor people Dem nuh like we No dem nuh like we No dem nuh like We mek money abroad Dem extradite we Cah dem nuh like we No dem nuh like Without di taxi man dem Stop fight we Cah dem nuh like we No dem nuh like we Dem raise.
  9. Apr 10,  · And even when we go sea we nah catch nothing because it look like all the fish dem fraid of the virus,” added Smith, with a chuckle. Winsome Madden, who operates a shop on the Hellshire Beach.

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